Roots Of The Earth Healing

How was Roots of the Earth born? We felt a strong need to bring ceremony and sacred practices into our communities lives, to share the enlightening practices we've personally experienced on our own journeys. Our ethos is to spread light and healing energy in our community through sacred experiences such as medicine circles, cacao ceremonies, drum journeys, blessingways, ecstatic dance and creative workshops. We hold a safe and inclusive space that allows for deep rooted connections to self, others and the practices we teach. We hope to see you in circle!

Love & Light,

Naomi & Taran

Upcoming Events

Women's May Day Retreat

May 18th 2024

We will utilise the powers and intelligence of heart-opening Cacao, engage in fun and connective intimacy practices, followed by a gentle yet powerful healing ritual and dynamic, transformational breathwork...

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Are You Looking For Deeper Experiences & Connections?

There is something amiss about the way we interact as a society in this modern world. We invite you to connect in an entirely different way. Be seen, be heard and feel connected on a deeper level to yourself and others in your community. We encourage you to be curious, vulnerable and open. Join us at our next event and you'll see what we mean...

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