Animal Spirit Journeying At Home

Animal Spirit Journeying At Home

Setting up your container for Spirit is one of the most important things you can do as it keeps the space closed and secured for your intention and doesn’t allow any other outside influences to penetrate the ritual.

Creating A Safe Container

First and foremost being comfortable and feeling safe is the biggest thing when it comes to setting space for ritual and journeys, I do this by calling in the four directions along with the spirit of above, below and the in-between and all of my guides who love me unconditionally, next I light a large mother candle to represent Spirit from this I then light a smaller candle on my altar calling myself fully present to allow myself to be open to the experience in its entirety and burning some sage to cleanse myself and the space. This is done to truly create a safe container to allow spirit to speak with you.

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Grounding Yourself

I then lay down with a pillow and blanket and taking some clearing breathes and just relax and let go of all the little thoughts and ideas from the day that flood my mind, I try and remove all preconceived ideas of what my journey is about to be like and just allow.

While in this state I begin a grounding exercise of imagining roots running from the entire underside of my body, slowly moving their way into the earth down through the soil, past crystals, rocks and caves noticing it all as my roots move gently past them until I reach the earths molten core, here I just dip my roots into the core, it’s not hot but rather beautiful and warm filled with rich golden flowing liquid energy, this is the heart of Gaia the earths heart keeping all life alive.

I then allow the energy to run up through my tap roots and feel it filling up my entire body with that golden light energy and as its flowing through every part of my being I feel the connection of my soul with that of the earths.


In shamanic practices we use journeys to travel to many places but most of the time we are guided to the upper or lower realms here we receive messages and guidance from our Spirit guides. The Upper realm is home to all of our ancestral, celestial and angelic guides, while the lower realm is home to all of our animal guides, there is a third realm the one we are in now the middle realm a sort of base to jump from and all to bring the information and knowledge we have been given from the other two realms to be used In our current life.

Journeying for me was a gateway to connecting with my guides which I now have and still am building a relationship with to access for healing sessions with clients, the information I have received while on journeys has profoundly changed my life and impacted who I am and how I live my life today.

Since you have already set up your space, lit a candle, called yourself to be fully present and called in the directions, it’s now time to begin your journey. Start by slowing down your thoughts, remember this isn’t meant to be hard or a task to complete, breathing in and out and focusing on the softening of each breath.

Begin Your Journey

Close your eyes and when you’re ready begin to imagine a beautiful forest, feeling the mossy ground beneath your feet and the warmth of the sun peeking through the trees onto your skin. You can smell the fresh forest air and as you breathe in it fills your lungs with joy.

Just off in the distance you can hear running water, you slowly start walking towards it and as you’re walking you hear birds singing in the trees. You come to a beautiful flowing stream and just up a little way there’s a tree on the bank of the water’s edge, massive and ethereal, it’s roots dipping into the earth around it. At the base of the tree is a large burrow, you begin to walk toward the burrow, as you lean down to crawl through, you feel the soft moss on your hands.

You pull yourself down into the burrow and descend into the lower realm through a winding tunnel. Here you notice whatever comes up around you, maybe animals or items in the walls of the tunnel, see what feelings arise as you move through further into the tunnel.

Remember this is a beautiful journey and you’ll only be receiving the guidance and messages that you need at the time. You make your way out of the other end of the tunnel and come to a beautiful place in nature, this may be somewhere you already know or somewhere completely new.

As you come out into this place, your spirit animal will let itself be known. If it doesn’t seem clear or you’re not receiving any animals, you can ask in your mind “Please spirit animal make yourself known to me”. Remember to trust the process as they will come and they will have information for you, although it may not seem clear straight away, if you sit with it or give it time the message will show itself.

You can always ask your guides if they have a message in your mind. It’s worthy to note that sometimes the guide that appears may not necessarily be there for your highest good. So if you get that feeling, it is a good idea to ask the guide if they love you unconditionally three times. If you don’t get an instant positive answer then tell this guide to leave or ask it to take you to your guides who love you unconditionally. Once you have received your message, thank your guide and return back along the path in which you came.

Return From Your Journey

Make your way back climbing into the tunnel, up through the tree and out into the forest again, just lay here by the entrance of the tree on the mossy ground listening to the soft flowing sound of the river and allowing your body to soak up all the guidance you’ve just received.

Once you’re ready slowly start to feel your hands and feet, you may want to lay to the side curled up like a tiny kitten sleeping softly and when you’re ready, start to sit up or lay with your eyes open and come back to this realm. Once fully present and awake now is a great time to journal all your messages and any insights that came up for you.

Notice how even writing them down can bring up emotions and feelings again, remember words have power. Good job! Your journey is complete now it’s time to close the directions, blow out your candles. By doing this, you are closing down the sacred container.

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Where Can I Do A Guided Journey?

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