Blessing Ceremony

What is a Blessing Ceremony?

A blessing ceremony is a sacred ceremony that is held to honour important transitions in our lives. It is a way of supporting these life phases by really honouring them with reverence, love and community.

Most commonly celebrated are mother blessings (instead of a baby shower) but there are so many other important life phases that we can honour too. These include but are not limited to; puberty (Maiden / Boy), birth (Mother / Father), menopause (Maga / Magoose) and the wise years (Crone / Wise Man).

Blessing ceremonies are a beautiful and unique way to bring together your closest tribe in a safe circle to support you, share inspiring stories, release any fears or doubts, share connected rituals and receive blessings infused with love to step into and embody your next journey.

Change can be daunting and we shouldn't have to do it alone!

Similar rituals and rites of passage are celebrated in all native tribes around the world and the term "blessingway" originates with the Navajo people of North America. In western society our celebrations are generally around gift giving and less about the unconditional love from our tribe.

In the modern world, our ceremonies can become too focused on the material, involve dulling the senses with substances and leave out the unseen power of what the transition or transformation is really about - It is our goal to change this!

What can it involve?

Below are some common rituals that can be incorporated into a blessing ceremony;
- Lighting of the candles to call in our lineage, guides and selves into the circle
- A grounding and heart opening ritual to help everyone to speak from their hearts.
- Sharing positive stories and experiences with each other
- Messages of love written by your tribe and presented individually to you
- Your tribe can bring a bead or an item each to create a special gift for you
- Your tribe can partake in creating a Bath Salt blend for you to use and soak up all the goodness the salt absorbs from the love in your ceremony.
- A meditation and sound healing to allow you to ground and de-stress in preparation for your birth or next transition.
- A string ritual to physically and spiritually connect you with your tribe throughout your entire transition. This is a beautiful way to pull on the energy from your friends and family through the ups and downs of your new chapter.

- An oil blessing from your tribe to complete the ceremony.

What Does Our Service Include?

- 1-1.5 hour fascilitated ceremony taylored to suit you personally
- Altar setup including floral mandala / earth altar, cushions and faux furs for seating
- Several rituals that bring connectedness and love
- All the planning taken care of! Ideally the guest of honour just shows up and receives the blessings!

Price starts at $450 for up to 10 guests within 5km of Newtown
* Travel fee for anything further

Not Included / Optional Extras

- Venue Hire (If not at your own venue or house)
- Any additional ritual items outside of the standard ceremony (Call us to discuss your ideas and we can provide a quote)
- Henna by a professional artist (from $100)
- Ceremonial Cacao prepared and served by us ($10 per person)
- Photographer (from $150)

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