Kahuna Bodywork

What is Kahuna?

Kahuna is a temple style spiritual bodywork and massage modality that originates from Ancient Hawaiian teachings and practices.

Different to a regular remedial massage, Kahuna is a flowing, rhythmic dance of hands, forearms, and elbows that flow up and down the entire body, allowing the receiver to drop into a deep meditative and receptive state that evokes the power of the Aloha spirit.

Once the body has dropped into this deep state, it can process and release deeply held emotions, tension and energy trapped in the body. Benefits of these sessions can include relaxation, anxiety and stress reduction, emotional release, reduced inflammation, lympthatic drainage, improved digestion and bowels, respiratory clearing, heart opening and energy clearing.

Certain parts of the massage can bring on strong emotions allowing you to release trauma and built up energy in the body. Throughout the massage, I am constantly brushing energy out the hands, feet and head and sending it back to the earth to be healed and transformed.

Every session is different and sometimes you will feel grounded and relaxed, other times you may experience deep emotional shifts and release. It's always the medicine you need and are open to receive on the day.

Our Style Of Session

It is important to know that our Kahuna style combines a combination of shamanic channeling, crystal healing, drumming, cacao and blue lily medicine as well as sound healing and Reiki.

To begin, we clear any negative energy through smoke cleansing such as Sage, Palo Santo or Rosemary and open the sacred container around our altar.

Optional cacao is shared and we discuss your intentions and what has arisen for you leading up to the session.

The physical massage goes for approximately 1hr and the entire session is from 1.5-2hrs long.

Each session is different and intuitively tailored to whatever is channeled in the space on the day.

This style may be different to another kahuna you have received and this shamanic variation may not be the style for you.

Book A Session

Two Hand 2hr Session with Naomi: $185
Location: Newtown
To Book: email rootsoftheearthhealing@gmail.com or call 0418429676

Two Hand 2hr Session with Justine
Location: Tamarama
To Book: Click Here

Experience a Four Hand Kahuna with Justine & Naomi: $360
Location: Newtown or Tamarama
To Book: email rootsoftheearthhealing@gmail.com or call 0418429676


Naomi & Justine have both studied Kahuna Massage up to Level 4 (currently) with Mette's Institute, a reknowned Kahuna & Lomi Lomi school in Australia.


What Oil Is Used?

Kahuna is a full body massage using a combination of coconut, almond and hemp oils as well as Blue Lily Oil on the face and hair.

Is The Massage Naked?

Generally the massage is received without clothing and a modesty cloth is expertly draped across the lower half of the body. A cloth can also be draped across the chest if this is preferred. We do encourage experiencing the massage without clothing however we can cater to your needs if you're not ready for that yet.

How Can I Prepare?

Please come showered, without deodorant and without hair stubble (if you shave). This will ensure the most comfortable experience. We do have a shower if you need to use it before the session.
It is recommended to avoid eating a few hours before the session to feel comfortable and allow the body and belly to detox.

What Should I Avoid After?

Try not to have anywhere to be after the session, such as work. Your body, mind and soul will need time to integrate the session and body work and you may find it hard to focus. Avoid driving long distances, ensure that you are completely back in your body before getting in your car. You may wish to go for a short walk or sit in a cafe or park before attempting to drive home.

Allow yourself time to integrate the session and anything that has arisen. This integration could last a few hours, days or weeks depending. This could include quiet self reflection, journaling, meditating and rest.

Can You Receive A Massage When Pregnant or Injured?

Yes! We are trained in Pregnancy Massage and have tables with a trap door to comfortably hold a pregnant belly whilst on your front.

Injuries can be managed in most cases and we can setup the table to ensure that you are in a comfortable position using towels to support injured joints and limbs or we can even manage a seated massage. Contact us to discuss this further.

  • "Naomi's energy and hands work harmoniously together to create a safe and nourishing Kahuna Bodywork experience. I felt so held in my pregnancy Kahuna and can't wait for more sessions to support my journey." - Alana

  • "Naomi has hands that feel like rays of sunshine on your body. I felt safe and relaxed during the massage and so rested after. It was a beautiful experience that I would highly recommend" - Jess

  • "Receiving a four hand kahuna is just on another level. You have no choice but to surrender to the bliss of the flowing hands and Aloha spirit"