Winter Solstice Retreat

Thursday the 20th of June until Sunday the 23rd of June, 2024

Escape into the wild for a nourishing and grounding winter retreat in Dharug country at the Yanada Retreat in Wisemans Ferry with Roots Of The Earth.

Winter is a magical time to rest, pause and do deep inner work. Much like nature, it is a time to be dormant, allowing our bodies the space to send our roots deep into the earth to receive the wisdom of the spirits, the ancestors and the land.

This year, we really want to go deeper, nurturing your soul through nourishing high vibration food, movement of the body and exploration of the soul through shamanic circles, ceremonies and winter rituals. It is our wish that through this retreat, you learn more about yourself, process deep trapped emotions and explore spirituality through our earth based shamanic practices.

We will ensure to give your nervous system the opportunity to be rested and recharged, allowing you to return back home feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

This may feel like a really vulnerable and intimidating practice for you but we encourage you to lean in with the knowledge that we will hold you safely in our container with a beautiful and accepting group of people where you will find life long connections.

Leave feeling more emotionally centered, empowered and lighter after letting go what doesn't serve you and allowing yourself the gift of reconnecting with yourself and your purpose.

What to expect at the retreat

Spend four days and three nights accommodation at Yanada Retreat

Fascilitated Shamanic Deep Healing Circles & Winter Solstice Rituals

Connect to Indigenous Ancestors through a Welcome to Country from local first nations Dharug elders

Expect to experience a Drum Journey, Transformative Breathwork, Bush Walk, Sound and Movement practices.

Wake up and enjoy sunrise Hydrotherapy Spas & cold plunges

Start the day with a daily silent "Nature Groove" and connection to the earth

Join us around the fire for drumming, song and fire rituals

Experience the magic of Sacred Cacao and Blue Lily in Ceremony

Eat nourishing and delicious plant based food

Deeply connect and make friends for life with like minded people in a safe container

Give yourself space for rest, reflection and rejuvenation

A specially put together welcome pack, yours to keep

Late checkout Sunday (2pm)

  • Yanada Retreat

    Yanada is an idyllic bush retreat, nestled in a glorious green valley between the McDonald River and the Yengo Mountains, yet only 120 minutes from Sydney CBD.  Yanada, ‘Moon’ in Dharug and Darkinjung, has two 95 sq. m spaces over two levels each fully surrounded by deep cool verandahs, and special wellness zones to help you bliss out, including a mid level hydrotherapy spa, a yoga terrace, pond and fire pit.

  • Rejuvenate

    Relax on Balinese day beds on the cool verandahs or pool pavilion, listen to the sound of birds, watch the Kookaburras and Kangaroos, look out along the silvery Gunaday River or over the fields and across the valley. Take a cool winter dip in the swimming pool or just chill out in the water seat, on the sunbeds to gaze at the beautiful views over the valley. Yanada is surrounded by private bush walks; around a flat rock peak adjacent to the Yengo National Park.

  • Mount Yengo

    Yanada is in the McDonald Valley 2km outside the historic village of St Albans. We adjoin the Yengo National Park and are 17 minutes from Wisemans Ferry and the Hawkesbury River. This is the southern tip of Darkinjung country with Mount Yengo at its heart. This place is hidden and remote,  known since the first European settlement as the Forgotten Valley, yet less than 2 hours drive from Sydney.

Invest in yourself for 3 nights and 4 days at Yananda

Early Bird - $1111 (first 6 spots only)

Full Price - $1380

We have had a lot of interest in this offering from our communities and we do expect to book out.  

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Meet The Team

This winter, Naomi will be fascilitating the retreat, along with the assistance of Justine from Nurturing Ways and we are blessed to have Taran back again serving the most amazing plant based food with Liv from Crystal Arcana ensuring all the behind the scenes things get done.

Naomi felt a strong need to bring ceremony and sacred practices into communities, to share the enlightening practices she has personally experienced on her own journeys.

Her ethos is to spread light and healing energy in the community through sacred experiences such as medicine circles, cacao ceremonies, drum journeys, blessingways, breathwork, ecstatic dance, creative workshops, Reiki & Kahuna Bodywork.

She holds a safe and inclusive space that allows for deep rooted connections to self, others and the practices she teaches.

Justine is a Birth Doula, Shamanic Healer, Medicine Woman, Kahuna Bodyworker and ex-nurse who brings a wise and grounded energy to the team.

Leaving the nursing profession to raise her 3 daughters she gained a passion for supporting mothers before, during, and after birth.

Along her own healing journey, she also found a passion for helping others explore their own healing and growth.

Taran is the other half of Roots of the Earth and when he's not holding space in circle with Naomi or birthing medicine tools he's in the kitchen conjuring up some of the most beautiful, nourishing and love filled food.

It is his passion and gift to create beautiful, grounding, energetic and love filled food. Each meal is infused with intentions of Love, Beauty, Spirit and Bliss which can be felt deep down in your soul - Just ask anyone who has been lucky enough to eat his food at the last retreat!

His vibrant big energy will help you put a pep in your step and a smile on your face.

Liv is our amazing manager and organiser at our Metaphysical shop in Newtown, but she is also a certified Kinesiologist.

Her beautiful, calm spirit is the glue for the entire team and her energy will flow through the food in the kitchen that you will be eating. She will ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, looking after you, making you feel comfortable and supported.

A glimpse of the 2023 Retreat

  • Connections

    "my main memory will be connecting on such a deep level with people. Some conversations I had with people whom I had never met before meant so much to me. I felt humbled that they opened up and trusted me to listen to their personal stories."

  • Safe Container

    "The circles and ceremonies were a new experience for me and at first I was really nervous speaking and opening up. However, Naomi created such a beautiful and welcoming space and I soon felt the warmth from everyone towards each other and found myself feeling more at ease and enjoying the experience."

  • Reconnection

    "The location was the perfect backdrop, the food delicious. My biggest takeaway was having the time to reconnect with myself and focus on my own needs in a space I felt safe. And the activity I loved the most was the cacao ceremony. I was nourished mind, body and soul!"

  • The Space

    "Nature all around. The home has lots of beautiful spaces for following the sun during the day and cosy warmth by the fires (inside and outside!) at night. Clear open sky for stargazing, cloud busting and all round big sky dreaming. Good sized yoga room that warms up fast first thing in the morning!"

  • Fascilitation

    "Naomi is a nurturing, sensitive and skillful guide and I felt safe in her hands, in her circle. I really loved this new experience especially singing to the cacao as part of the ceremony. And I felt Naomi's thoughtful preparation in the care she took to create the circle, infused with beauty, love and song."

  • Truly Soulful

    "This retreat was a truly soulful experience. The spiritual walks, culinary delights and invigorating spa ritual created a harmonious blend of practices that nurtured both the body and spirit. A welcoming retreat for self-discovery, healing and spiritual growth. I highly recommend this transformative journey to anyone seeking a profound connection to themselves and the natural world"

  • Artistry

    "Wow the food was so tasty so delicious with such a depth of flavour! I really felt spoilt. I still can't believe the tuscan chickpeas were vegan. I also appreciated the all-day snacks. Taran this was artistry."

  • "The food was so yummy and contributed to the experience because I wasn't stressing about cooking and could focus on my own healing and connecting with others in the group."

  • Culinary Dimension

    "Tarans salads and vegan curry were delicious, adding a delightful culinary dimension to the retreat. The thoughtfully prepared meals complimented the overall experience, nourishing both body and soul."


When is check in and check out time?

Check in on the Thursday is 4pm, with Check out on the Sunday at 2pm.

What if I need to come late or leave early?

Unfortunately, we need everyone to be fully present and committed to showing up for themselves and the sacred container we will be creating for the entire tribe. If you can't make that happen then we ask you to wait until the next retreat. We thank you for understanding.

Do you have payments plans?

Sure do! We can accept Afterpay through our shop front - Crystal Arcana, so please send us a message and we can discuss this.

Is this retreat for all genders?

Absolutely! This is an all gender retreat, last year we had three men join us and the masculine energy is very very welcome!

How many people will be attending?

Our capacity is 16 participants.

Do I need to do all the activities?

Not at all. Although we do recommend that you try to participate so that you get the most out of your experience, we also like to leave this decision in your hands. Do as many or as little as you like. This retreat is about rest and rejuvenation, so it is important to honour what you need in each moment.

Is there phone reception?

No, this retreat is completely off grid! We would like to gift you with disconnecting from your day to day lives and technology. However, we do have an emergency landline and you can also provide Taran's mobile as your emergency contact for your families so you can unwind, stress free.

Are all the activities beginner friendly?

YES! We have plenty of experience catering to beginners. If this is your first time being exposed to spiritual circles and ceremonies, we welcome you and encourage you to lean into your curiosity. We had plenty of new comers at our previous retreat as well.

I am pregnant or I have a physical limitation, can I still attend the retreat?

YES! We will be able to accommodate you as needed on the day. Just be sure to let us know beforehand.

Can you accommodate dietary requirements?

YES! We will be serving gluten free and plant based food, which should cover most dietary requirements. Please let us know your needs and we will let you know if we can accommodate.

I want a private room, is this possible?

There are no private rooms but there are two double rooms and two tents, that can be either two single or a double bed. If you would like to share a private room with a particular friend, it works on a first in first serve basis. Please let us know if this is the case for you and once booked in, we will reserve the room for you. The other rooms fit 3 in each.

Are all the rooms inside the main house?

There are actually two bell tents outside the building, which have two single beds in each. These bell tents come with heating and the same mattresses as inside the house. If you would like the full wild experience and prefer to be in a tent, please let us know. The tents are on a first in first serve basis.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can learn more our cancellation policy below

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Cancellation Policy


All deposits are non-refundable.


The remaining balance (total price minus deposit) is due 30 days
before the retreat start date.

50% Balance (not incl. deposit) will be refunded for cancellation
15-29 days before event.

No Refund if less than 15 days before the event.


When purchasing a retreat through our
site the cancellation policy above will apply to your purchase.

Before purchasing a retreat, it is
your responsibility to thoroughly read and understand clearly the cancellation

We know that sometimes things comes
up, and unexpected events happen that can keep you from going on a trip you’ve
planned. If you’re totally sure you aren’t able to make it to the retreat, the
best thing you can do is cancel.


It’s our intention to make things as
simple as possible for anyone who wants to go on a retreat, while balancing the
administrative and business realities of those who run retreats.



Include your contact number to discuss
the reason for cancellation.


We have the final say in all disputes
over cancellations and of course will try to solve the issue. We intend to
approach all issues with understanding, flexibility and compassion.

From that place, a solution can always
be found.

Many Thanks


Invest in yourself for 3 nights and 4 days at Yananda

Early Bird - $1111 (first 6 spots only)

Full Price - $1380

We have had a lot of interest in this offering from our communities and we do expect to book out.  

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